Debris Removal

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As residents affected by flooding in Vernon Parish return to their homes and begin the daunting cleanup process, the Vernon Parish Police Jury is working to secure contractors to begin collecting debris from the affected areas.

The Vernon Parish Police Jury does not have any parish sanctioned or Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approved sites for collection of flood related debris inside the parish.  All flood related residential debris that is moved to the public roadway will be collected by a contractor hired by the parish, as per FEMA guidelines.  Please remember that the Vernon Parish Police Jury and its contractors are prohibited from entering into or working on private property so debris must be moved to the edge of a public roadway to be collected.

Residents affected by the flooding are asked to move all residential debris to the edge of the public roadway (do not block the road or any driveways) where it will be collected by the contractor.  To facilitate removal, debris should be separated into the following categories:  Normal Household Trash, Vegetative Debris, Construction & Demolition Debris, Appliances & White Goods, Electronics, and Household Hazardous Waste (see the attached information sheet).

If you have food waste that has already been removed please separate that waste from the rest of the debris and place it at the edge of the public roadway where it will be collected as soon as possible.  If you have not already removed the food waste from your home, please leave any food items inside your refrigerator or freezer; secure the refrigerator or freezer with duct tape, and place the refrigerator or freezer at the edge of the roadway and it will be collected with the other debris by the contractor.  This will help reduce odor and prevent the spread of insects and disease.

The process of debris removal will take some time to complete and we ask all residents to exercise patience and caution during the cleanup process.

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