Elected Officials

2016 Vernon Parish Police Jury

Top Row (L to R): Kenny Haymon, Jerry Blair, David Brister, Curtis Clay, Bo Cryer, Jim Tuck, and Melvin Haymon Bottom Row (L to R): David Fox, Marvin Hilton, Jackie Grimes, Reggie Johnson, and Charnel Bailey

Vernon Parish Police Jury members:

James B. “Jim” Tuck, President – District 1
Marvin Hilton – District 2
Alton “David” Fox – District 3
Jackie Grimes – District 4
Reginald “Reggie” Johnson – District 5
Jerry Blair – District 6
Charnel Bailey – District 7
Melvin Haymon – District 8
David Brister – District 9
Curtis L. Clay, Vice President – District 10
Joseph “Bo” Cryer – District 11
Kenny Haymon – District 12

Parish Maps:

VPPJ District Map
Voting Precinct Map